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This course is aimed at corporate audience. we have lot of people asking us about our White Hat Hacker courses. Most of corporate audience who are in role of design, code, testing always wanted something which is specific on web apps development, coding and security testing for web apps. This course is taken from certified white hat hacker level 1, level 1 advanced, level 2, level 2 “Break the security” only for web developers, testers. All course material in four courses relating to web apps has been put together into this single course.

This course is all you need if you want to do

web application coding security
web application security testing
ethical hacking of applications
web portal security testing

What are the requirements?

Understanding web applications, webportals, websites

What am I going to get from this course?

Web app coding
web app testing
web app designing ideas
ethical hacking of web, webportal application
avenger advanced bypass techniques

What is the target audience?

web apps coder, tester, designer
application programmers
application design
application design engineers
ethical hackers

Course Content

Web Application testing software
Temper data
Live HTTP header
HCON STF Framework
Google Hacking
Google Hacking Practical

XSF Theory
XSF Demo
Insecure Direct Object Reference(IDOR)
Insecure Direct Object Demo
SQL Injection
SQL Injection DEMO
File Inclusion
File Inclusion LFI
File Inclusion RFI
DOM XSS Presentation

SQL Injection Bypass
Bypassing File get type method
Bypassing htaccess protection
FileSize Protection Mechanism – Bypass
Mod Security Bypass
Web Server Antivirus Bypass
Synlink Bypass Attack
Xenotix Theory
Xenotix Practical

Vulnerability Scanner
Ironwasp Theory
Ironwasp Demo
Vulnerability Scanning & Exploitation Tool
Anonymous Browsing and Testing Using ToR

OWASP Top10 – Introduction
Kali Linux Advanced
Introduction to Metasploit for Web Application Testing

This course comprises of a total of 55 hours, the details of which will be communicated to you at the time of joining.